Another perspective about a Balanced Calendar for local school districts


To the Editor:

Personal comment on the “balanced year”. We experienced this one time while stationed at Fort Knox, KY in a DoDEA [Department of Defense Education Activity] school.

It was actually a great experience for our family though we were hesitant at first.

In context, I commanded a battalion on Knox. Our daughter was in grades 3-6. As part of the Army Pre-command course, the chief of staff of the Army (Shensheki at the time) told all the future battalion commanders in the class that one of our primary jobs was to train our subordinates for command and to take breaks to make that so. That was an interesting comment and stuck with me.

While in command, the Ft Knox DoDEA system (much like the balanced plan) facilitated better family time, a bit less stress, and an opportunity to grow my great subordinates! If asked, I would tell parents, and students, to give it a strong review. I truly believe it helps personal and family life and health. 

     ~ Steve Edwards, Thurston County 98513


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  • Kruz81

    Another horrible idea from a BC. Lets just keep your ideas to yourself for now on.

    Friday, July 22, 2022 Report this