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We offer multiple divisions of play to help promote equal levels of competition in an enjoyable and healthy environment. Games are played at local gyms. Sign up as an individual for any of our leagues, and if we get enough players in a particular league to form a team, we'll put a team together for you. Registration deadline: 9/5/22 Question about what league you should sign up for, please read this:

C Major Players - Rookies = Young, athletic players with experience in other sports, but no volleyball experience. Veterans = Players who have experience playing in organized leagues, however, their skills are aged, rusty, or just never progressed in the power hitting or power serving category. C Major Teams serve underhand & overhand, but do not have any jump servers. C Major teams have a bump, set, hit strategy…but cannot always coordinate all three. When things go wrong, they can still keep the ball in play due to their youthful athletic ability or their years of experience.

B Players - Players with athletic ability and experience in organized volleyball leagues. Players whose passing, setting or hitting skills are better than beginners and performed somewhat consistently. Players who, given a good set, sometimes hit with power. B Teams may serve overhand with pace & power, but don’t jump serve. B Teams usually have a strategy that includes designated setters on offense. B Teams are inconsistent about putting up a block, and usually it’s just a single-block.

B Major Players - Players with very good athleticism and volleyball skills. Players with high school varsity, college, club, high–powered city-league or tournament experience. Players with very good passing, setting, hitting, and blocking skills that are performed consistently. Players that may specialize in a position. Players who, given a good set, can consistently hit with great power. B Major Teams serve strategically or with power and may have effective jump servers. B Major teams usually have a strategy that includes designated setters on offense and double-blocking on defense. B Major teams consistently put up effective blocks.

A Players - Players with college or advanced club play experience. Players who regularly participate at a high skill level through tournaments or club play. Players with dominating hitting/blocking skills, or whose knowledge, experience or specialized skill allows them to contribute on a high-powered team. Players who can hit with power from almost anywhere on the court. A Teams understand advanced offensive and defensive strategies and have the skill level to execute them consistently against other A teams.

Event Dates
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from Monday, September 12, 2022 through Thursday, November 17, 2022
Event time
7:30 PM
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