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Not that anyone even noticed but...

Lacey could catch the guys stealing cedar artifacts ( i.e old growth ceda, cut to make room for the more lucrative fir duringthe early days of the timber boom), out the ground in some of our wooded parks. Some shady lumber mill is making themselves and a bunch of shake-rats rich. All while some civil servant with poor foresight whines about paint prices. Though mostly unseen, in-ground cedar holds significant historical value for Lacey.

Not to mention habitat and forest floor intragation/support. Cedar is a vital component in the fight against advanced erosion and watershed flow prediction. These are figures added to the equation by any responsible and educated city planner and zoning committee. Should we be so lucky. This all affects our existing water supply and property tax evaluations.

Imagine, could stopping any other common miscreants in this town have a wider impact on us than prosecuting these guy would? Monetarily speaking? Need I paint a picture? Sorry, out of paint.

Lacey resident 1980 -

From: Vandalism, theft, and graffiti reported in Lacey parks, facilities

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