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Entering the Age of Technology… Well, after a whole year of isolation we have made it to phase 3 – and now life begins to return to semi-normal. Vaccinated … more
Dear Lexis, I understand the value behind examining beliefs and shifting those you don’t think serve you, but I’m lost on how exactly to implement changes. Re-determining beliefs is … more
  In the late 80’s I was running a West Coast pilot program for the Area Agency on Aging, called the Home Maker Registry. The purpose of this program was to provide in-home non-medical … more
 So many of us are talking about the condition of the homeless camps, especially the trash.  Let’s decide to clean and manage them better.  We’re a clever … more
Dear Lexis, I don’t get it.  You talk about the value of beliefs and how certain beliefs can serve you better than others, but what impact does that really have on your life? Why do … more
The Sage Connection I had a birthday last week and as luck would have it, my daughter had the day off.  She wanted to take me out to lunch and told me to pick the place. After pursuing … more
Did you know there was an election yesterday, of a board of supervisors, accountable to the citizens of Thurston County, that you likely didn’t get to have a say in? And what if I told you … more
Dear Lexis, I seem to be suffering from chronic laziness lately. I’m not sure what the problem is, I know that I need to get several things done, but every time I think about it, I find … more
Dear Mayor and City Council Members:  When we moved to Olympia a year ago we were delighted that we would be living in a community with folks whose values aligned with ours, where our … more
Is there anything or one more loyal than a dog? More independent that a cat? More beautiful than an aquarium filled with amazingly colored fish? Seniors take their pets very seriously. We pamper, … more
Dear Commissioners Edwards, Mejia, and Menser, Thank you for your resolution declaring racism a crisis in Thurston County. We want to highlight one issue that needs immediate attention. Last … more
It’s no secret that the homeless camps generate a lot of interest, frustration, concern, and a whole range of emotions from local folks.  Seems there are almost as many ideas of what to do … more
Dear Lexis, I want to believe that everything is always working out for me, as you teach, but it just doesn’t seem to work. I feel like this belief is rooted in the belief that the universe … more
If I let my mind wander, (and I often do) it comes back with a plethora of strange and wonderful questions…for instance; who came up with the idea of mustard? How many mustard seeds does it … more
Dear Lexis, I’ve been struggling with my temper lately. I find myself more and more on edge and I don’t understand why. I’ve had a lot of requests from friends for help, … more
I still don’t like litter, haven’t for a long time. I last littered while in high school. I learned that one didn’t litter, that’s very bad manners and not good for the … more
The younger set has an abbreviation for it – BFFs. The younger set has an abbreviation for almost everything these days. We old-timers prefer whole words and sentences. We have used them … more
Dear Lexis, I recently lost my job and I find myself feeling overwhelmed by uncertainty. I used to feel like things were going to work out and that my life was on track, but I don’t know … more
Dear Editor, The U.S. Constitution guarantees the free exercise of religion, peaceable assembly, and that ourproperty not be taken without due process. Yet local governments recently have … more
I don’t know about you but after the recent rain and snowstorms, I am ready for spring. Now I know it won’t arrive for a while but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about it … more
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