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As many say lately, it's been a year.  In the case of The JOLT, it's been our first year.  What have we learned?  People around here care about trees, crime, whom to … more
Once I was sent to the hardware store to buy nails. I knew nothing about construction. When the clerk said “box or common?” I just felt ignorant and incompetent – which, of course, … more
Situations like what’s happening in Cortez, Colorado really break my heart. Young people coming together in search of community and understanding are being met with ignorance and attempts to … more
In the mid-1960s, my dad served on the school board in Cortez, in rural southern Colorado.  He recalled that at one meeting he said something a little too liberal because a fellow board member … more
When you read what's happening in Cortez, Colorado and then brush up on your knowledge of Olympia's Pizza Klatch, you'll see a contrast in culture and politics. And whatever you think of … more
Well, folks, the end is in sight. A little over a year in lockdown is about to end. We can choose to go maskless in public. We can dine out, attend a movie and shop in stores instead of having our … more
I just don’t understand the reason for the level of suspicion and nastiness I see on social media when talking about political issues.  We’ve all watched how social discourse has … more
Dear Lexis, I’ve never really believed in the whole Law of Attraction thing, but it seems to be a belief that you recommend. I wondered why that is and how you can justify holding such a … more
I once had a neighbor who earned a Master Gardener title by attending a series of classes. She had never grown a single broccoli plant, but she was quite free with gardening advice. After one … more
Here’s a little fun history… Did you know that, in December 1896, the Women’s Club of Olympia established a library service with “reading matter” donated by … more
On Monday morning, May 10, when I heard that a large black bear up a tree in a suburban neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri, was respectfully tranquilized and taken a way to be released after being … more
Dear Lexis, I’ve been trying to set up a meditation practice like you suggest but I don’t know that I’m doing it right. Nothing really seems to happen and I don’t know what … more
One hundred thirty thousand dollars. That’s what it takes for a down payment to buy an average-priced home in Bozeman, Montana. Then an aspiring homeowner must fork out another $3,000 each … more
It saddens me to see people spending money on little vegetable plants in unrecyclable plastic containers -- because most vegetables are so easy to grow from seeds. Yet the trend away from seeds and … more
A lot has been reported about COVID-related deaths in the past year. The numbers are horrific and few have been untouched by this pandemic. Other causes of death have taken a back seat during this … more
Dear Mayor Selby and Council Members, There is an item on your consent calendar that is not "routine" and should be the subject of a public discussion and vote. Resolution #21-0431 authorizes … more
It seems to me that there are two parts to getting anything done.  One, deciding what to do and two, doing it.   And deciding what to do is sometimes the harder part.  Do I go … more
Dear Lexis, I read your last article on unmet needs and I wanted to follow up with a question. What if your unmet needs can’t be met by just one person, what if you need additional people in … more
You might be wondering what the new emphasis on crime stories is about. Several readers have asked. Three have UNSUBSCRIBED to The Daily JOLT newsletter -- and griped, too. [If you read to the … more
Tomatoes are the royalty of the vegetable garden, and they demand to be treated accordingly. They worship the sun and want it all. They demand your most compost- or manure-rich soil, the support … more
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